When I turned a teen, my father took me back to Mexico (Nayarit/Jalisco). He introduced me to my long lost family members. I was able to get acquainted with the land and its people, Mexico was my Mecca. My parents went out and bought me a Pentax K1000 (manual camera) to capture the memories on film. The photos were far from being picture perfect, but they captured the essence of that time period and its precious moments. Those photos are priceless to me, they can't be replaced. It was the only time I was able to place my fathers stories with the land and its multiple faces.

From there I was hooked on photography and capturing images and their moments. I took some classes, and in my senior year I joined the yearbook staff as a photographer. Mexicans were pretty much left out of the picture the three previous yearbooks until my arrival. I used to take flicks of the homies and their cars. The homies would go on to create the Brown Pride Car Club one of the most respected car clubs in California. My mother was my number one fan and encouraged me to continue with my passion. She even went beyond the call of duty and bought me an auto focus Nikon camera.

I continued taking photos and even took a class or two at Cal State Fullerton. But, it wasnt until the Internet blew up that my two biggest hobbies merged into BrownPride.com.

The true originators of using spray cans in an urban setting goes back to the Cholo movement of East Los Angeles in the 30's. Where Mexican-American pachuco's created the art from "Placaso" decades before New York created "Trainism". Chicano's were using graffiti in various ways from defining neighborhood borders to creating roll calls of neighborhood gang members. The style of graffiti letters evolved from tradition Old English lettering to Prison style imagery. Today famous Chicano artists such as Mr. Cartoon and Chaz Bojorquez keep the Cholo-inspired artwork alive.

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