La Costa Nuestra

La Costa Nuestra - A RikRaf Entertainment Presents compilation that showcases a loose collective of Latin vocalists and MCs based from out of the West Coast. From the start to the finish the compilation sounds like a full, cohesive album and there's no real flaw, not a poor production to be found on this disc, and it is build for for the mainstream of America.

However, as clean and great as the production may be, it is also missing that really strong song that stands out when you first hear it, the song you know is a hit right away. Don't get me wrong every track has something good to offer and displays some of the best Rap and R&B. Even though La Costa Nuestra features some of today's new and up and coming rapper like Malverde, Diamonique, and Sonny Blue as well as Latin Hip Hop hero's Mellow Man Ace and Sinful of The Mexakinz, yet its still very R&B flavored. This is one of those CD's that at first takes some adjustment if your a hardcore rap head, but can be attained.

Without a doubt I was most impressed by Rigo Luna's work, no wonder he has three songs of his own on the CD plus a collaboration with Sonny Blue on "Sik Wit It". I've known of him for a while, but never really had the chance to listen to his music until now. Rigo's vocal style is a lot like a Frankie J or George LaMond, but with a new school twist to the production.

Click Here for "Back To You" by Veze Skante ft. Myra

"Back To You" by Veze Skante is the song that is being pushed as the single and features Myra, another new and very talented Latin R&B voice to be on the look out for. She does another collaboration with Sporty Loco on "Get On Your Way" and holds her own on "Lo Que Mas Te Gusta" highlighting her vocal skills.

La Costa Nuestra is the perfect album / compilation for you, if your looking for the next Baby Bash, Frankie J, NB Ridaz or Amanda Perez to bump. It's the Latin R&B and Rap Compilation for the mainstream with a touch of gangsterism. A well put together smooth laid back collection of West Coast music, a collective that is showing the world what can be found on La Costa Nuestra.

1. Intro - Alexxx Tercero
2. It's Good - Mellow Man Ace
3. Abusivo - Esta Ciudad
4. Rigo Luna - Pedigree
5. Get On Your Way - Myra/Sporty Loco
6. Here We Come - Starr/Diamonique/Cecy B/EJ Rojas
7. Back To You - Myra/Veze Skante
8. Oh Yeah - Sonny Blue
9. La Costa Nuestra - Malverde/Sporty Loco/Sinful
10. Sik Wit It - Sonny Blue/Rigo Luna
11. Lo Que Mas Te Gusta - Myra
12. Que Duele Asi - Rigo Luna
13. Grind - Monteloco

14. How I Do - Rigo Luna

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