Kemo the Blaxican - Not So Rich and Famous

Kicking the door open in the most subtle way with an all too common situation of needing more change. Reflecting the facts of life in a double standard way, more than reality, he is cleverly guiding your train of thoughts into an underground world of universal emotions. The album is personal, factual and concrete matters that surround the lifestyle every day. Introducing it to all open minds that yearn realism and originality by creatively using his secret “Receta” to mix enchanting spicy hot melodies that are braided in with timeless old school hand made beats that define the true meaning of hip hop. Lyrically expressing the feeling of a dream long lived with a harsh yet smooth deep-toned sophisticated voice that intensely transmits independent and liberal words. No sell out, No gimmicks. The sequence of his true self gets clearly stronger as each song plays along.

Different song, different feeling, once you’re in, you follow the beat. After the introduction you find yourself in a very upbeat and party like mode, making you bust a couple of moves singing along to the catchy choruses. Then it goes into a funky melody mixed with an all classic oldie that specifies true feelings towards all haters, which there is plenty of, those of us who have them can relate. Then for a brief moment, it gets a bit serious, making you realize that even though times get tough, you get through them, assuring you that you can stand a little rain. The next five tracks feature a variety of artists and sounds. Jazzy hip-hop, African drums, Latin trumpets, western style harmonica, sexy and slick cello tunes. The artists featured are just as different. “No Que No” brings you back to the time when he first debuted as part of the group Delinquent Habits, where he brought his Blaxican-Spanglish flavor to stages and radio airwaves throughout the world. “Been a long time 2”, really has been a long time, the original version was created around the time that the first album “Simple Plan” dropped, it’s a personal favorite that can only be found on “DJ Payback Garcia’s Aztec Zouls 2”. A melodious acoustic guitar directs you into a subject that many artists in the industry know. Talk is cheap and very easy to access, many claim to be the best but always prove otherwise. “Breath” has to be one of the most personal songs of this album. Here he exposes his true feelings on charismatic piano notes that enhance the feeling that is being projected, adding the final touch with a beautiful classic Spanish song that reflects his original and exclusive style that no one else could ever recreate. With that he ties this package together for all your listening pleasures.

An authentic creator of an entire Empire, which holds and includes Joint Clothing, one of the sickest clothing lines in the industry that started in 1998. Dead Silence Alliance, a group of truly talented lyricists whom he helps with production and exposure. Dead Silence Records (record label), Nova Lane Studios (recording studio), Symbolix Productions and two albums “Simple Plan” & “Not so Rich and Famous” written and produced by the one and only, Kemo. He also does some graphic work and has a few videos which he co-produced. There are many projects that he is currently working on. More than a friend, he is the most respected Artist in the Music Industry with almost two decades of experience under his belt. Be sure to look out for any of Kemo’s creations which are guaranteed to satisfy the thirst for authenticity and originality. I highly recommend that you see for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree that this here is a dope album. Uniquely, La Krazy

Album Track Listing:
1. More Change
2. You Know
3. LCL
4. Oh No
5. A Little Rain
6. 5th Of May (Feat. Tetsuya "Weeping Willow" Nakamura)
7. Disposition (Feat. Q-Unique)
8. Rebel
9. Ugly (Feat. Sicko Soldado)
10. 27 Different Ways (Feat. Bambie Bangkok)
11. No Que No
12. Been A Long Time
13. You Ain't The Type
14. Breathe

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