Krazy Race - The Movement: Strength In Numbers

With the current political climate becoming turbulent for the undocumented population residing in the United States, patriotism has turned to xenophobia (fear of foreigners) as Americans try to convince themselves that criminalizing everyone that isn't born here is the "right" thing to do. Reminiscent of pre-holocaust Nazi Germany, when Hitler blamed the Jews for economic distress, President George W. is using the same rhetoric. His strategies are almost identical. "They are 'illegal', 'non-law abiding' and 'a threat to national security' ", he echoes from his pulpit, resembling Der Fuehrer with his mean little speeches.

But history will not repeat itself here. To make sure of this, masses of a once-silenced Race have stood up in unison to counter this uncivilized ideology. A humane race. A mixed race of both immigrants and full-fledged citizens that will not allow this administration to carry out their Draconian threats of arrest and deportation. Not with our tax dollars! A nonviolent uprising of immense proportions is brewing simultaneously in different cities-coast to coast and overseas. A new breed of activism has been born. One that utilizes networks to reach counterparts in other states. With the click of a button, a previously impossible connection can be solidified between like-minded individuals with a common cause. The new-age rebel has harnessed technology to eliminate all borders and overcome the factor of distance; paving the way for a truly global community. This Krazy Race c.d. is the symbol of modern-day retaliation...

Since the late '90's K.R. has been in the L.A. underground scene performing at different benefits for non-profit organizations (with his back up: MVP). He was also busy tutoring at workshops in the community so youngsters could learn to use the art of hip-hop as a form of expression. As time passed and styles advanced, Krazy Race continued to stay dedicated to the strife of the proletariat, while challenging those in positions of power who refuse to help (and in many cases actually benefit from others' suffering). Never conforming to the "trend" sound that passes seasonally, nor changing his message to get radio play, Krazy Race is a real champion of the people. Keepin' it real every time. Whether it's a song about generations of struggle or a personal love song to his son, telling him how much he is inspired by him, real lyrics are expressed eloquently without missing a beat. That's revolutionary. When a person could offer a commentary on such deep topics, plus make it rhyme to the rhythm... that's the fire! Even a musical eulogy, called Day of the Dead, comes to life with vivid imagery that embraces the memory of those that have passed on- with a native perspective.

The production of this album shows evidence of someone who has been doin' this for a while, and investing many hours in the lab perfecting the sound. Anyone who knows Marky will tell you he is tenacious about his music, but this time he's taken it to another level. For one, he joined forces with other revolutionaries to add their vibes on the tracks (2Mex and Jizzm, Tanya P., the boys from Quinto Sol, EXPN, Gifted Born, Cire, Devious, Datin, Defiant, Big Quarters, Kemo the Blaxican, Sicko Soldado, Enemy of O.T.W., and Global City, to name a few). This shows Krazy Race's versatility and his ability to work with others. These are good qualities to have in a lyrical activist. Another outstanding feature of this album lies in between two songs, and is modestly labeled an interlude. It is a recorded phone call from a United States soldier fighting in Iraq. He pleads with the listener to help bring the troops back home. It's obvious that they are sick of the bloodshed, and disgusted with the fact that the American people are tricked into thinking they are on some holy crusade. No more blood for oil! Why should they be the ones to do the dirty killings... and paying with their lives? It's a bitter irony that the Commander in Chief and Executive of the nation is leading this world-wide war on terror, yet he will never set one foot in battle. Never has and never will.

Well, it's obvious this isn't your ordinary c.d. No, it doesn't have that teeny bopper appeal that the conglomerates love to market. It probably won't be played over and over again on the corporate media channels, but that's because Krazy Race isn't "pimpin' hoes" or wondering if his "chain hangs low". He's on a whole other mission. He's speaking up for the voiceless and defender of our rights. This isn't about 26 inch rims. This is about the Movement: Strength in Numbers.

We shall be victorious,
Santiago Naphtalli
BrownPride writer

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