DJ Quad - Bringing the Heat

D.J.Quad of the Fifth Battalion is Bringin' the Heat, creatively dismantling the competition with murderous styles and severe drumbeats. The renowned West Coast underground producer has finally unleashed an arsenal of talent into the public eye. On the beats, in the booth and in bringin' it home, the D.J./ producer/ composer/ rapper/ promoter/ executive has covered all bases and risen to the surface. With a carefully selected team of hardcore hip-hop artists, he orchestrates thee attacks with precision and in strategic fashion; setting the stage for some of the most mind-blowing maneuvers ever seen... or heard. Successful missions are accomplished through dedication, and consistency wins the war. In clever wordplay, we get a glimpse into the mind of a trained assassin - where musical ingenuity meets modern-day warfare. In one hand he holds grief for too many lost soul-diers, in the other, hope for a new era. When asked what the secret is to his relentless fighting tactics, he explains simply, "I was raised on the battlefield. The MIC is my gun."

  • Bringing the Heat
  • Coming to Destroy You
  • West Side Party
  • High Speed Chase
  • Your Want War
  • Spread My Word
  • Just Another Day
  • Too Many
  • New Era
  • Mister Creative
  • Hey Ladies
  • Going Insane
  • Next To Be Eaten
  • Triple Threat
  • Hip Hop Gonna Make You Dance
  • You Know I Got This

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