Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Volume 2

The greatest thing to come out of Harlem since the Harlem Renaissance, Immortal Technique is a one-man renaissance that’s bringing the raw and brutal truth in the form of real, hardcore hip-hop. Immortal Technique is on the same path as other Harlem greats such as the political militant Malcolm X, the writer/author/poet and social commentator Langston Hughes, and musical genius Duke Ellington. They all dedicated their lives to changing the way the New World Order works and making it a better place for the people. Immortal Technique is a lyrically amazing intellectual, commentator, rapper, and revolutionary. But Immortal Technique balances his cleverness and smarts with raw, balls to the wall, brutality in his lyrics and viciousness in his verbal delivery. He’s a man of action, his raps don’t just bark but they bite savagely, and you can be sure that Immortal Technique will never be what he calls a “coffee shop revolutionary son-of-a-bitch”.

Immortal Technique’s “Revolutionary Volume Two” is the sequel to his debut album “Revolutionary Volume One” and is his best album to date. “Revolutionary Volume Two” released on November 18th, 2003 on the independent label Viper Records and has sold over 65,000 copies independently without doing commercials, being on teen magazines, sucking up to radio DJ’s, appearances on MTV, or anything that pop/sellout rappers are doing now-a-days to get their pockets fat and their masters happy. You can get your copy at for the low price of $11.99+S&H and you can be sure that it will be the realest and best Hip-Hop CD you ever bought, worthy of a BrownPride.Classic rating.

Since his breakthrough album “Revolutionary Volume One” in 2001 Immortal Technique has grown into a sicker if not the sickest emcee in the game today. “Revolutionary Volume Two” is a more polished, more thought-provoking, harder, consistent and stronger album. It is an 18 track hip-hop masterpiece that will grab you through the speakers and force you to open your eyes and mind. The lyrical content is more intelligent, inspired and ruthless. His lyrics use more literary techniques that make his raps more lethal as they are striking. The musical production is much better than Volume One and it offers a wide range of moods and emotions at a high quality of sound and recording. Immortal Technique’s technique, style, and delivery hasn’t strayed from what makes him great but has evolved into some greater and this evolution of his hip-hop revolution will continue to grow. The albums song flow is also great feature, it flows smoothly and the aura it creates with its transitions from song to song is brilliant. It is an album that you can play straight through—which is rare today.

Immortal Technique at the first listening will blow you away and will actually make you think about what you’re listening too. If you want to go deeper into his lyrics and messages you can listen to this album with an encyclopedia and dictionary, but if you don’t you can still enjoy this hip-hop masterpiece. “Revolutionary Volume Two” is like a revelation that becomes clearer every time you listen to it. When you understand it more you can enjoy it more and what you pick up from this album will make you aware of what’s really going down in this world in the past, present, and future.

It can’t be stressed enough that every song off this album is a classic. Every track in its own right is excellent and unique all the way from its production to the I can go into detail about all the tracks, all the lyrics and all the information that he has to offer but that would rob the reader and the future listener of listening and deciphering what Immortal Technique has to say. But I will give some highlights from the album. The first official song of the album sets the tone that what Immortal Technique is about to say and do can’t be erased, forgotten or even taken lightly. He can’t go back now; he’s marched pass the point of no return and his soul won’t allow him to look back. Track 5 is “Obnoxious” a brilliant diss song with great lyrics and delivery. He raps about the tha abonimations that he’ll do to you and the fact that you can’t do anything to him. Immortal Technique will “choke your friends in front of you to prove your falling off and you won’t do shit about it like the church during the holocaust.” An up tempo track what will get your heading bobbing to the beat, the guitar lines, and his ruthless lyrics. A personal favorite of mine. Track 11 is titled “Internally Bleeding” a slow and crytpic song with sick production about the atrocities that Immortal Technique has seen and been through. His use of imagery about the most grotestque and surreal things, rivalved by the things he had to do to get by these experiences will put you into the state of mind he was feeling when he did this track. I can write about all 18 tracks, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.

This is a Hip-Hop must and has earned its place as a Classic. Immortal Technique has more than proven that he can get sicker at what he does best. This is an album any Hip Hop fan can vibe to; from revolutionary’s all the way to Hip Hop heads. You don’t need to be born a learned individual to get and understand what Immortal Technique’s rapping about, but it will get you thinking about what he spits. The name of Immortal Technique will be burned in your memory and this emcee is one you want to remember. Keep your eyes and ears open for Immortal Technique you can believe that he’ll do bigger and better things. Be on the lookout for his soon to be released album in 2006, “The Middle Passage”, you can be sure will have the complete breakdown on “The Middle Passage” as soon as it drops.

Written by The Scholar

1. Revolutionary Intro
2. The Point of No Return
3. Peruvian Cocaine (Ft. C-Rayz Walz, Pumpkinhead, Loucipher, Tonedeff, Diabolic & Poison Pen)
4. Harlem Streets
5. Obnoxious
6. The Message & The Money
7. Industrial Revolution (Ft. DJ Roc Raida)
8. Crossing the Boundary
9. Sierra Maestra
10. The 4th Branch
11. Internally Bleeding
12. Homeland and Hip Hop (Ft. Mumia Abu Jamal)
13. The Cause of Death
14. Freedom of Speech
15. Leaving the Past
16. Truth's Razors
17. You Never Know
18. One [Remix](Ft. Akir)

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