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I know this has been a difficult year working on the your new album "Chicano World", how does it feel to finally release it to the public?
Like you said its been a difficult year or actually almost 2 messing with the CHICANO WORLD album, I almost had to do everything myself cause a lot of people weren't doing their jobs, now that the record is out everybody that fucked up feels stupid. I just kick back and thank god its over, I never want to see a studio again for at least another year.

What made you decide to call your album "Chicano World"?
It's kind of weird how I came up with that, I thought every race has its own world. Like white people and black etc., and each has a story to tell about their own world. So that's how I came up with the name. So the whole album, if you listen to the words is my opinion of a CHICANO WORLD. This CD is a lot more polished than your first album "Raza Rolls Deep." Ya cause Raza Rolls deep was my first real CD, I thought I was all bad cause I had a CD out, we recorded it in like 2 days, we didn't know shit about mixing and mastering. So that record was straight underground. Then out here in Texas gente wasn't hip to the Latino rap, so here I was slanging my CD's on the street, and at car shows. I sold a shit load of em, and that's how I got the money to do Chicano World the right way.

You even had a song featuring Darkroom Family's Sir Dyno, how did that come about?
Sir Dyno, is a deep rapper, if you listen to his lyrics you know this vato can't be lying. Anyway he was out here in Texas visiting his family, we hooked up in San Antonio and we met at my homies studio. We heard the music and just rolled with it, it was a good step for the both of us I think because now my people got turned on to him and his people will get to hear my stuff. Dyno is a good writer and I think he did a good job on the track CHICANO LIFE.

I know there's been some controversial about you and Dyno doing a song together, what's you opinion of the subject?
All that controversy doesn't bother me any more, it did at first, but not anymore. I don't care about it, if someone wants to gun me down for doing something artistic, then fuck'em, a lot of people have commended the idea we hooked up, plus I did a movie with them BLOOD and TEARS, so I did the song, It's said and done, now I just hope when raza hears the track, they will see where we are coming from.

You even had Cameos on this album from fellow Texas rappers S.P.M., Hustler E, and Blunt Master C. Bluntmaster C is a new vato coming up out of San Anto, he's good people, also fade is on the track. SPM, we shot out to Houston and dropped the Texas Gangster song real quick. We are all networking, and its going real good.

How's the Latino Hip-Hop scene in Texas?
Blowing up big time, we get a lot of amor out here, nothing but support! Now that's the CD is out what's next on Capone's agenda? Videos and movies, I spoke with Danny De La Paz, this Sunday and Jesse Borrego about some stuff and they down to do something. I got Efrain Guiterrez, who is behind my script 110%. Now I just have to polish up this script and present it. I'm starting a small tour thru texas, then hopefully we can hit other states. Send me your demos we are looking for some new faces for our label.
Thanks, Capone

Chicano World
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  • Chicano World
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