The Psycho Realm - A War Story Book I

Representing the hard knocks of the psycho city blocks of the Pico-Union district of Los Angeles. Psycho Realm drops their latest classick album A War Story from their own independent label Sick Symphonies Records. A War Story is a conceptual album that reads like a Mario Puzo novel and sounds like polished street symphonies from a Chicano perspective. The first release is broken down into two parts, Present Day and The War Years with the theme of Revolution connecting the tracks together like urban streets. Psycho Realm keeps their fingers on the pulse of the streets by remaining on the frontlines. Unfortunately Duke lyrics were prophetic, he caught a bullet in the neck in the Rampart area of Los Angeles. It's ironic, the type of person Psycho Realm gives a voice to is the same that caused his silence. The shooting left Duke paralyzed from the neck down. Fortunately for the hip-hop world, Duke and Jacken finished A War Story before this untimely shooting.

T H E   B E G I N I N G :   P R E S E N T  D A Y  

  • The Crazy Area
  • Order Through Chaos
  • Pico-Union District
  • Enemy of the State
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Tragedy.Com
  • Earthquake Weather

T H E   W A R  Y E A R S :   P A R T 1 

  • The Wind of Revolution
  • Moving Through Streets
  • Street Platoons
  • Sick Dogs
  • Show of Force

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