El Nuevo Xol

The album begins with an instrumental that has a pleasant melody intertwined in a hard, in-your-face beat; Laced with Nuevo siglo scratches. I think the music symbolizes the harsh message contained in the smooth, flowing lyrics. Mira, mira, mira, mira...A shot is fired into conscience of hip-hop and the ASALTO begins:

"Nobody move, nobody gets hurt" (actually it's, "if nobody moves, nobody gets killed"), as El Revelde erupts on the scene con el estilo de reggae en espanol para mi jente. With a barrage of verbal ammunition El Nuevo Xol proceeds to attack the injustices faced by minorities that burn on these streets like SUNSPOTS. Grim Reep and El Perro Scrapp vividly describe the Peligro we face trying to survive out there. The lyrical Don Cultura hits us with a deep track called COME LISTEN ME, that makes us question the reason for so many ghetto tragedies.

The song DURISIMO lives up to it's name with a hardcore beat and lyrics that put it down for thee latino hip-hop movement that's going on in the Los Angeles underground right now. Anyone who has had the opportunity to see ENX perform live knows they can rock a show!

Kenyatta from the empire crew offers a natural solution to a common problem that plagues all of you scrounging up nic-sacks and rerolling roaches called EMBRYO OF MY INDO...you know what's up. Shall we SPEAK OF SENSI? It happens to be my personal favorite. It's a modern reggea classic that would make the Marleys proud.

The last song on the album is an ode to the good ol' boys in blue called PUERCOS, PUERCOS. I won't go into it any more than that simply because the title fits so good!

One last thing that I'll mention about El Nuevo Xol is: their uniqueness in proclaiming the good news of the kingdom. The one that will be Divinely established once the New Sun dawns... the sixth one. The one that will shed light on the aftermath of Harmageddon. It's a rare message of hope for us living nowadays (at the brink of the Great Tribulation) when the mood of the ghetto streets is screaming, "Destruction!".

So, I hold ENX in high regard for their blessed musical abilities; I give them my respect for the profound message expressed.

Occepa iuhcan yez, occepa iuh tlamaniz, in iquin, in canin- nahuatl saying

Once again it shall be, once again it shall exist, sometime, somewhere - english translation

Written by Gato Suertudo

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