It's In My Jeans- Volume 1 by Mr. SagNMyJeans

It's In My Jeans- Volume 1 by Mr. SagNMyJeans (beats by Reverse)

The summer of 2012 is in its final days and the temperatures are high! Also hot is the "It's In My Jeans Vol. 1" by Mr.SagNMyJeans (he's always on sum New Sh#t!). Heated beats by Reverse on this one make people just move to the rhythm of the beat (jerking, involuntarily). And the hooks are catchy- they stick in your mind all day. Honestly, the family walks around singing, "The same thang hap-pens in ev-er-ee hood!" which is the chorus of “Every Hood” sung by Tweek. Other than that chorus, Mr. SagNMYJeans is solo on all 11 hot jams (no fillers)! He could do that, because everyone knows he's one of the ILLest... Lyrical mastery has grown his reputation throughout the city and no one messes with him. Haters get deflated and challengers are left defeated in the cypher.

I know him, personally, and I'll tell you- Mr. SagNMyJeans a.k.a Baggy Pantalones is a straight-up "Gee". Not a "G" as a Generic term for gangster. I mean: he eloquently expresses himself, speaking his mind to the world- attitude BLUNTED. That's Gangsta, "G" also for Genius because he figured out a way to overcome negativity with words, strong words that are delivered with the precise amount of force. He actually appears to harness the energy from a bad situation and empower himself with it. Mr. SagNMyJeans is definitely Gifted with verbal capabilities. He was born to be an orator of his Generation, and answers his calling Gladly. He's "G" because he's Generous in passing on this knowledge to people whom he finds acceptable to the discipline of the art. Mr. SagNMyJeans Gives of himself countless hours working as a community activist and champion of causes here in the Greater Los Angeles.

His musical talents seem to come natural, it could be Genetics. If you study his family tree, you'll find Mr. SagNMYJeans comes from a line of world-famous musicians. It is, definitely in his genes (pun intended). That's the title track. But after studying the microphone wrecking techniques he implements and the wordplays in his verses, we've found some of the deepest statements of our times in songs like "Life of Crime" and "Dark World." They are reflections of our society, subtly embedded in dope songs. Songs that bang so hard, you start remembering the words. Once his rhymes have been recorded in your memory, the conscious lyrics are absorbed by your thoughts. That's how Mr. SagNMyJeans gets you thinking... Sometimes people get turned off when they get reality slapped in their faces; they just want to groove to the music. So when they hear a head-knockin' beat and some melodious vocals, they're attracted to the sound. Sooner or later, though, the message seeps into the listener's understanding. And unlike the music played on the radio today, these ideas are uplifting and beneficial.

I Guarantee you have nothing, but to Gain from listening to Mr.SagNMyJean's hip-hop wisdom, especially coming from one of the most skilled hustlers on the streets. "There's Cash All Over My Carpet", "... and I ain’t about to give it up! Why should I? Why?" That's a mode of thinking that motivates calls to action. Like Pops always said, "Ain’t nothin' gonna fall off the tree unless we shake it..." Ya know, like when MONEY GROWS ON TREES. The difference between chasing materialism and making your bread is: night and day, stealing versus earning an honest living, victimizing for profit, as opposed to being rewarded from God-given talents. Mr. SagNMyJeans is an expert in the music business and he's "all over that lettuce like salad-dressing"! Bet.

We could appreciate his desire to prosper, because Mr. SagNMyJeans is Good-hearted. Even if the lyrics are explicit, he means no harm. He doesn’t deliver railing curses to so-called enemies, nor does he degrade women. He is tactful and respectful to the ladies. My favorite song is called "Camel Toe" (I had to say it) because metaphorically speaking, he describes the passion of the dream he pursues... On the flip-side, he brings it back to his roots and never forgets where he came from; and what drove him to his destiny. "This is for the Late Nights, left out in the cold, the abuse that lead to those broken homes. Our ancestors that were raped and sold. Take my body, but not my soul". Mr. SagNMyJeans puts it down like few people could. Still, it's awesome that he doesn't get puffed up with false-pride, or act arrogant. He's a humble cat with super powers, and he stays down to earth. Above all, his Mother must be proud of the son she raised because Mr. SagNMyJeans is a Gentleman.

Peace-Out, One Love & Stay BLUNT
ESkribe Uno

RAHten is Mr. SagNMyJeans, wearing a Firme thermal at HardNDaPaint Workshop when it was at Self-Help Graffix. And for those that don't know- That's the face he makes when he likes the beat...!

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