Complex - L.A. To Worldwide Vol.1 Mix Tape

Complex has been out there grindin'... rocking shows all over town. In fact, he has performed in almost every hot spot in Los Angeles; including: the House of Blues, Key Club, Roxy, El Rey Theatre, Knitting Factory, etc. Complex has opened for Slick Rick, Biz Markie, Wu Tang, GZA, Killah Priest, The Beatnuts, Psycho Realm, Funkdoobiest, Planet Asia, and Percee P. Aside from that, he has caught some features on the last couple Misol albums. So we couldnt wait to review Complex's mixtape. Here's some information on the album:

Mixtape title - L.A to Worldwide Vol.1
Label - MISOL
recorded @ - Sacrifice It All Studios
mixed by - Bomb Carlos

production by - Dj Dubb, Zulu Nation, Phaze One, Automatic, and Plucks for Wadina Music

features include - King Darius, Ovi Rey, A.O.D, and Neutro star

This mixtape is an albumfull of Complex jams; each one, of hit caliber! The versatility demonstrates a comfort-level of the artist to experiment with different facets of his style. This is because Complex has (DEFinitely) found himself as an emcee. It doesn't just happen overnight. It's been a long road, but now he's at the level where he could do a song like All Night (which is a chick song:] much Love to the ladies) and still be on some Street Shit. Furthermore, the World is Mine is like a hustlin anthem. And we're not talking about drug-dealing (not anymore). It's about when the players are out on the court and a team-mate is extra aggressive for the ball, or especially persistent in obtaining the goal, and you tell him "Good Hustle!". It's that good hustle and abiltiy to work with people that got Complex to where he is today... holding a project that is on the verge of blowing up on a worldwide scale. The different producers on the music production obviously gives it a variety of flavors and the guest features make it a more colorful album.

Complex says: My most intimate song on the mixtape is Lord I Try featuring Ovi Rey. It's a personal message to the Ever Living God, through Whom all things are possible, to forgive my sins and bless these endeavors. He who reads the intentions of the minds and meditations of the heart is able to make our goals attainable... It would be easy for HIM to take this message from a South-Central Los Angeles native to a Global audience; Because He's got the whole-wide world in His Hands. Our faith makes it possible for us to believe in prayer... We all pray to God. I just happen to be one of the chosen few that do it over drumbeats.

King Darius says : First song Complex and i collaborated on for L.A. To worldwide was "All i love" this track was produced by Jaystronamus. Plexo already had his first verse and hook on the song. The concept was music being all that i love. To me the beat was off the chain and every time Complex and i work together theres a degree of friendly competition that i believe makes our collaborations all the better. Its always a welcomed challenge working with a dope M.C. We try to outdo eachother lol. As for "Stick up" Plex already had his two verses in place. I rolled up to the homie Bomba's studio (sacrificio music) and heard the beat and concept. I wrote a verse and it wasnt sick enough so i crumpled it up and proceeded to write and record the verse that made the project. Its always like that when i work with Complex. I'd like to think we bring out the best in each other. We always feel like we have to step our game up and it shows in the music.

Neutro Star says: I remember when we did Love Life, we were feeling especially good that day. That's why you could hear the mood of a celebration in the song. We keep positive by acknowledgeing our day to day accomplishments and, at the same time, focus on moving toward our goals. For us, it's reflected in the music... that energy of contentment is a beautiful feeling. It's about a person being happy about the path they've taken and proud that they didn't give up when times were hard.

A.O.D. says: Being featured on Aint Stopping was dope b'cause the song is about being at your best... and not stopping. There's hints of victory and it keeps you going. But once you get to a point that you wanted achieve, it's not over (like a race that came to the Finish Line). You get to a level where you have to keep going. The song absolutely has a sense of accomplishment but also an underlying tone that u cant waste time cause you know how hard it was to get to the top... that's the inspiration for Aint Stopping. The music feels like a Chicano legend (got that conga in it) that makes us remember our roots. It's important for us to remember our roots because then we could clearly see how long the journey has been. We appreciate this life, and we love this City- But we're reaching out to the entire planet... L.A. TO WORLDWIDE!

Written by ESkribe.Uno

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