Loko - Ready 2 Get Paid

Do Everything Fresh is proud to bring you "Ready 2 Get Paid", the first single off the upcoming EP from the labels newly signed artist Loko.

Loko has been putting in a grip of work with the hip-hop culture for over a decade he has a heart for the community and youth, and is a soldier in the fight for true skool hip-hop. His Latino roots are displayed proudly in a balanced blend of boom bap with international flare. He has been laying low in the cuts working tuff with Jesthebeats.

This new journey started when D.E.F. Lable founder JENDOR, approached Loko with the idea of putting together an EP project solely produced by: JESTHEBEATS. The two went straight to work, and the result is a work-of-art, an EPthat will stand over time. Loko is bringing back that flavor we all miss, he is street wise, yet concious, blunt & passionate. His witty word play and lyrical content mixed with Jesthebeats production is a solid combo.

The EP is dropping this summer featuring cuts by DJ Traps and Barry Bones.

The first single "Ready 2 Get Paid" is available now doeverythingfresh.bandcamp.com

Click Here to Watch Official Ready 2 Get Paid Video

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