King Darius - Reign of King Darius

The Reign of King Darius dropped on 2-12-2012. It's the latest, great Misol Tribe production by DJ Dubb One. (Incidentally, King Darius was a king that encouraged the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem about 520 B.C.) But our King Darius, from Boyle Hts. Los Angeles, CA is alive and kicking; and if hip-hop is a temple - he makes sure no shorts are being offered. Half-steppers don't cut it. And foogayzees get pulled when the flow is sacred. Whether on the stage with the mic or in the parking - lot cyphers, King Darius gets props for clever vocabs and instantaneous timing. "...Here's a poem about a king that was born for a throne, only he could rule like the boy who pulled the sword from the stone. From the time he could speak, his mind combined rhymes with beats - by the time he reached his teens, could practically rhyme in his sleep..." An introduction to the Ballad of King Darius which is a modern-day corrido (in English) that serves as a testimony about the power of music in his life.

If you're like us, and tired of the Same Ol' Same, individuality gives rise to fresh perspectives. And some of those new ideas are necessary to help break up the monotony of redundancy. Especially when the popular music is degenerate, tainted by the influence of corporate America; the heart of the underground provides liberation from the mental enslavement with/thru knowledge. Knowledge of self and kingly domains are concepts contrary in today's worldly, democratic beliefs. If you could think in these terms, enlightenment brightens the dawn of a new day like the beginning of a New Rule and an established kingdom of prophecy.

Although, this album is not considered Christian rap (it's too grimy, and from the street). The lyrics are explicit; descriptions illicit; but the imagery is exquisite in its existence and an eloquent reflection of society. You can't help but hear Hood Royalty featuring Slip Capone and say Damn! They're ingenious with their wordplays and innuendos. The sex plays are what make it down to earth (ya know), I wouldn't give it to the kids. But recommend it to the grown folk that could appreciate the metaphors and similes, subliminal messages and symbolisms in rhyming words. So, if you consider the track featuring A10 titled Royal Council (King Darius' most trusted advisors), notice the completeness of the song: Rahten5Star's verse is tongue-in-cheek joking around (just one side of the many sides of Mr. Rahten), then, Aaron comes in with"...I see nothing but excellence, potential and perfectionists. Consecutive cross-references, but separatist are causing hindrance with incidents in increments in sequences in frequent blips..."Which is the Yin to the Yang (or vice versa) of his partner's words, one extreme to the other. And King D. brings it full circle (literally) with some real slick diction then busts out with,"...stiffer than a stick up and this is my palo. After I pull-out, leave them feeling all hollow." The beat stops and his last word echoes (note: his first line in the song is, "I wallow in my decadence..."). A slight pause leaves the listener thinking, muy bien hecho... and a lot of times rewinds the track here.

Now, the whole mood of the album changes after that song. It gets more serious from there. But let's back it up to Back On because that's not just another return of the Mac song, either. It goes, "Never turn your back, ON THE STREETS, shit happens so fast as you see! Cats fall casualty in a dog-eat-dog world. You need a beast in your anatomy! (that's reality)" It's some of the hardest stuff to hit your eardrum, son. Let me tell you: the first time I sat down and talked to King Darius was about his previous work on the As Man Thinketh Today project; and I swear, I was looking at a gangster and hearing a college professor speak. Talking 'bout," It's a contemporized rendition of a nineteenth century philosophy." I knew he was no ordinary cat. You could say I sensed a royal Bloodline. But then again, that's how the MISOL TRIBE rolls...

As mentioned earlier, this album takes a deeper, more serious note and is like a rollercoaster ride. Highs and lows, much like life itself. One thing is fore sure, though: when King Darius teams up with his boy A.O.D. it's a dangerous combination, mayn. He says they were neighbors at one time and got to vibe each others styles real good. The cool thing is they sing melodies and add soul to the jams. A lot of vatos can't do that, honestly. They're another great pair of emcees that complement each other and show there's nothing but players on this side! The homeboy Complex rocks with'em on Problem Child; which is a musical documentary for rising above the dysfunction prevalent in many families' homes. There's also about a minute interlude called People are Running which contains the ambiance of an epiphany (at a crossroads) transformed into a raw energy of perseverance. It's moving, absolutely, positively motivating and inspirational. King Darius doesn't just call attention to the broken pieces of the system without giving his antidote for it. In other words, he offers both the problems and solutions.

Over the past few years, I've gotten to know King Darius better. He's recorded and sound engineered the team at the HardNDaPaint workshops. He got engineering credits for an awesome job on his brother Kristastrophe's mix-tape, too. Anybody that knows him will tell you (2) things about King - He keeps it real and takes this rhyme game serious. It's like his calling to fulfill a destiny. And, the Force is very strong with him. His majesty has a reputation that sets the bar high in the camp, both lyrically and in delivery. Still, the cool guy that he is, worked with us on a package deal, offer for you while supplies last. And supplies are very limited (only a couple dozen). An official copy of the full length album Reign of King Darius and an authentic Firme Crown tee-shirt (rereleased design brought back to go with the urban rulership concept) BOTH FOR $15.99 plus shipping and handling. The shirts come in two colors: black and red. The sizes range from medium to 2xl. First come, first served. E-mail for more information.

King Darius wearing the limited edition "FIRME CROWN" graphic tee. Photo by Tizok of Misol Tribe.

Long Live the King,
L.A City

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