Border Brothers Productions Presents - The Take Over

Hip-Hop, like many other art forms, has always struggled to maintain a balance between purity and profit. In today's age we find the balance in total disarray, and perhaps no other form of Spanish music has ever been pimped and abused as Latin Urban music within the last couple of years. Uniformity for different reasons both rappers and their recording companies use cookie-cutter methods to reap the financial benefits of the music industry for their profit. Turning the art form into Hip-Pop, but fear not the culture has not been completely lost…

The Border Brothers, A marvel in the independent Hip-Hop realm of Mexico, a crew based out of Tijuana, Baja California has released their first major production a few months back titled "The Take Over". The project includes 22 tracks in total, eighteen songs, three interludes and an intro to the album which is a snippet taken from the drug trafficking movie “Blow”. The intro pretty much sets the mood and the theme of the compilation. The Border Brothers in their first major effort paint a clear picture of the reality of living in Tijuana Mexico, the political corruption, police abuse, and the street wars between rival Mexican drug cartels trying to control the drug distribution along the Mexican-American border. “The Take Over” is the perfect example of what has been coined "Reality Rap", but with the Border Brothers you can actually call it “Narco Terrorism Rap”.

"The Take Over" hints at the diverse things to come from Border Brother Production’s young talents. Despite the obvious influences of The Psycho Realm, the Border Brothers are still able to maintain their own identity and style. Although the compilation is an independent Mexican release there are plenty of rhymes in English through out the project making the CD more attractive for Latinos living north of the border. The new artists introduced by the Border Brothers Production on this album, genuinely showed their raw skills. The first song "Pipeline" is both produced and features Crow of Street Platoon. It's a hardcore song with a mellow vibe production style that starts off with a guitar sample giving it a laid back feel. Other album highlights are "Entering Tijuana" by El Lobo, "Paseo Por Tijuana" by Ferruco featuring Kasinadien, "2010 Revelation Remain" preformed by Carbon and Droopy featuring Genocide. There are more tracks that worth honorable mentions and a few more collaborations which include Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm, Cynic of the Street Platoon, and MC Luka (de Distrito Federal) to name of the few guest appearances.

Tijuana has recently made the world news for the extreme violence that’s plaguing the city in the last couple of weeks. If you want to cross the border and see what’s going on in the city of Tyjuas from the safety of your home, pick up the album "The Take Over". Dope, raw, and uncut product comes in the form of music too…

The Take Over Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Pipeline Featuring Crow of Street Platoon
3. Entering Tijuana
4. Interlude
5. Paseo Por Tijuana Featuring El Ferruco
6. Narco Terrorism Featuring Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Cynic of Street Platoon and the Angel of Death
7. Interlude
8. Area 664
9. We Let Them Know Featuring Genocide and MC Luka
10. War
11. Small Village
12. De Baja a Chiapas Featuring Cynic of Street Platoon
13. Border Bandidos Featuring Genocide
14. 2010 Revelation Remain Featuring Genocide
15. Interlude
16. Tercer Mundo
17. El Diablo Anda Suelto
18. De Especie Rara
19. Cuation Featuring Angel of Death
20. Piratas Nocturnos Featuring Sinalokos Tropa
21. Treasure's Trio Featuring Genocide
22. The Take Over Featuring Angel of Death, Street Platoon and El Ferruco

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