Another Latin Timebomb

A.L.T.'s Photo Album

A.L.T. (Another Latin Timebomb) started rapping in 1983. He was one of the best rappers in the San Gabriel Valley. He made his first demo tape and tried to shop it, but was unsuccessful. In 1989 he hooked up with Latin producer Tony Gonzales and they started making new demos. In 1989 Tony asked him to write a song for an artist he had named Kid Frost, and the "Hispanic Causing Panic" album was born. Then Frost asked A.L.T. to be part of a group called Latin Alliance, his voice was heard across the world for the first time on a rap version of a War song called "Lowrider."

He left the group in 1991 to pursue a solo career and did his first album at Atlantic/East West Records titled "Another Latin Timebomb." The first single called "Tequila" quickly shot up the Billboard pop charts making the top 40, the single was even bigger overseas in countries such as Japan, Germany, and many other countries. It was the number 1 song for several weeks in Australia, number 3 in New Zealand (not too bad for a kid off the streets of El Monte).

The second album titled "Stone Cold World," also did well and was a huge hit in the south west, especially the single called "All Night." To date A.L.T. has worked on many, soundtracks and has written lyrics for many different artist. He worked with many artist such as Eric Wright aka Eazy E, Lighter Shade of Brown, JV, Clientel of the wrecking crew, Unknown DJ, Funky Aztecs, Tarrie B of Ruthless Records, The Twinz from the LBC Crew, Foesum, LiteFoot the Indian in the cubbard, and Gerrardo. A.L.T. was also feature on the Substitute soundtrack, and many other compilations.

A.L.T. has been on many US tours and has toured Europe including countries such as Italy, France, Austria, Holland, Germany, South America (Brazil, Chile), and Canada. He is now working on a new album with his new partner called O.G.enius. This is his pride and joy so be on the look out for it in stores soon. The name of the group is Blvd. Knights, and includes artist such as Mellow Man Ace, Frost, SlowPain, Cam, Foesum, and many others. He is currently managed by Jerry Heller, and is produced by Tony G, Julio G of 92.3 the Beat, Fredwreck and Klev. So keep a lookout for Blvd. Knights and anything coming out of G-Spot Studios, its guaranteed to be the BOMB!

"Keep trying there's no limits, and always support Latin artists and Latin businesses, Peace!"

Artist: A.L.T.
Title: Stone Cold World
Ridin' High
Deez Nutz
Audi 5000
All Nite Long
Just Go Blank
Take You Back
17 Shots
Get Out My Life
Heaven Can't Wait
Stone Cold World

Artist: A.L.T.
Title: Another Latin Timebomb
Summer breeze
spike the punch
What cha gonna do?
Funcky Iguana
How about that
No dollahs no sense
One little indian
Between the sheets
Pepe's Tamales
Refried Beans
I'm Flippin

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