B.P. Interview with Complex

We caught up with Complex at HardNDaPaint and asked him a few questions for the purpose of getting to know him better. He has a reputation in the camp as a dedicated emcee, that won't hesitate to perform (especially since he specializes in making the mics sound extra crispy!). In fact, his relentless pursuit of happiness has him working day and night at his music. A Day in the Life of Complex on LatinScene.com documents one of those busy days where he goes from studio to studio video-editing, audio recording, mixing his set and rocking a show in a single day! (A quick trip to the swapmeet for a Los Angeles lid included). Complex is a gifted lyricist and he doesn't take that calling lightly. I mean, rhyming isn't a hobby or just a game for him. He lives hip-hop...

BrownPride.com: What's good Complex! What have you been up to?

Complex: It's all good, Bro. Just comin' off the West Coast Tour, rockin shows and keeping the live performance fresh. I've been trying to get out there as much as I could. The best word of mouth (for any emcee) is someone telling another person that they saw me wiling out on the mic and moving the crowd... A lot of people could put together a song and make it sound nice in the sound booth. But on stage, in front of the people, they lack presence. That's the difference between a real hip-hop artist and a studio rapper. The sound engineering could fix the flaws and even add some style: but at the show, are they really masters of the ceremony? That's what it comes down to. The ceremony is very important to me, so I always give it my best. And I've been doing this for a long time, man. Consistently for over 10 years...

BrownPride.com: How did you get started with rhyming?

Complex: I started battling when I was 12 years old. At a young age, I got put on stage by my friends. From the streetblocks to the schoolgrounds, I was recognized as a skillful rhymer. I was identified with having this talent early in life, and that blessing was a force I couldn't ignore. It was a part of me, so I did my best to hone my skills (sharpen my sword so-to-speak) when expressing flows. I couldn't put it off, or half-step it. By the time I was 16 years old, I was recording heavily and finding that good sound. The first album I put out (independently) was even called The Search For Perfection. Instead of just picturing my dream, I chased it... still do. And honestly, my devotion to the music has always opened doors for me and put me in paths with people that have the same goals.

BrownPride.com: How did you meet the Misol Tribe?

Complex: By being in the game, you know. If you hit the underground Hip-Hop scene long enough, and often enough- you're bound to cross paths with Misol. I was actually introduced through B Child and the Guerrila Warfare crew. They were out here in South Central L.A. and I felt what they were doing, as far as the projects they were putting out and their stylo. So I connected with them. And there were literal family ties, where one of the members called his cousin in Boyle Heights (where the Misol Tribe originated). Everything fell into place, and the first project I worked on with them was called the Show 'Em How to Spit mixtape (which was unreleased). I benefited from the experience and made allies that were instrumental in helping me put out my official solo album L.A to Worldwide vol.1.

BrownPride.com: Where could we get your album?

Complex: You could download it for free on my website COMPLEXSOUNDS.COM or on MISOLTRIBE.COM there is link under the artist Complex. There's thirteen smokin' tracks and feature some of the best artists in the circle (including King Darius, A.O.D., and Nuetro Star). The L.A to WORLDWIDE vol.1 is a body of work that I've carefully compiled to demonstrate the level we're at, still considering, we haven't reached our full potential, yet. Just like the title says... It's a good representation of what we are capable of and puts us in position to make our next move...

BrownPride.com: Which is..?

Complex: Putting out Hits, kid! (smiling suredly)

BrownPride.com: For the people hearing about you for the first time and the fans barely getting to know you, how would you describe yourself?

Complex: As a South-Central native that grew up on Hip-Hop, devoted to the art. I was given an ability to connect rhymes with ease, and this was crucial to my survival in a big city that's notorious for violence. Everybody has their talents or abilities; they have to find them and utilize them. Other people's songs inspired me growing up. So, I give back to the music with hard work and passion. I'm persistent with it and give much credit and respect to my mom - for being a strong, single mother of four.

BrownPride.com: For anyone that wants to see you in action, where will you be performing?

Complex: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 I'll be opening for DRAKE & FRENCH MONTANA AFTER PARTY (9:30pm-2am) at Club Paradise, 3050 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626. And this Saturday, May 12 2012, I'll be performing Live at the SPRING FLING 2012 MUSIC FEST (11am-2am) Seaport Marina Hotel 6400 East Pacific Coast Hwy.Long Beach, CA 90803. Come out and have a good time. See you there...

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