El Velorio - 11/08/2014

Los Angeles, CA – Antonio Pelayo is proud to announce "El Velorio 2014", an annual Day of the Dead multicultural event celebrating the traditions of Day of the Dead and featuring live music, an art exhibition, a large scale altar installation, skeleton iconography, festive costumes in Day of the Dead tradition, special Day of the Dead inspired face painting by 15 makeup artists from April Love Pro Makeup Academy, food vendors from around Los Angeles, arts and craft vendors, cocktails, a 21+ beer garden, traditional dance performances, and DJ’s. Day of the Dead attire strongly encouraged. El Velorio 2014’s memorable experience is hosted this year by actor and philanthropist Mike Shouhed of Shah’s of Sunset and ABC7's Alysha del Valle and takes place November 8, 2014 from 7pm – 1am at Plaza de la Raza, a beautiful cultural center for the arts located at 3540 N. Mission Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90031. El Velorio 2014 is open to the public, family friendly and free for children under 5. Pre-Sale tickets are now on sale for $20 and can be purchased online at: elvelorio.com/ticketsales.

El Velorio is a celebration presented by Antonio Pelayo that started in 2010, with the idea of giving emerging artists a platform to exhibit their work. From there it became an event/benefit for a different non-profit every year. In the last 4 years El Velorio has raised about 100k to benefit selected Non-Profit Organizations. This year El Velorio will give back to LA’s only multidisciplinary community arts venue dedicated to serving the Eastside neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Plaza De la Raza. To read more about Plaza de la Raza visit: plazadelaraza.org/about/history Curated by Erika Hirugami, this year's aesthetic development and exhibition will feature a wide selection of works in a variety of media and genres relating the Day of the Dead and its subjectivity as interpreted by local contemporary artists. El Velorio’s exhibition will feature hyperrealist depictions by Otto Stürcke, alongside the suprarrealism of Isaac Pelayo’s drawing and the magical realism of Katherine Brannock. Eriberto Oriol and Estevan Oriol’s portrayals of contemporary LA will be featured beside Miguel Angel Mejia’s modern Mexico via photograph. Steve Grody infuses the artistic tone with photography of graffiti art, while Skyler Gray antagonizes pop culture, David Flury, Uninanti and Erica Friend’s paintings take a deeper look at Hispanic elements in traditional aesthetic production, while Nikko Hurtado and Mark Mahoney, tattoo artist by trade give us a glimpse into a wider range of art forms. El Velorio is proud to present these contemporary artists based out of Los Angeles, and provide an alternative space for an aesthetic converge of mediums and styles at Plaza de la Raza.

El Velorio 2014 Exhibiting artists:

Bryan Avila, Robert Bauder, Katherine Brannock, Bibi Burciaga, Sal Coria, Steven Correa, Cryptic, Azul DelGrasso, Defer, Denovo, dfrnt, Edward De La Torre, Richard Duardo, Miguel Felipe, David Flury, Cesar Franco, Erica Friend, Daniel Galindo, Galo, Alex Garcia, Germs, Daisy Gomez, Skyler Grey, Steve Grody, Mat Hurtado, Nikko Hurtado, iBelieve, Anita Marie Juarez, J-Open, Scott Kiche, Jennifer Korsen, George Labrada, Jeff Lee , Steven Lopez, Dan Madigan, Oscar Magallanes, Amalia Mahoney, Mark Mahoney, Javie Martinez, Thomas Mayfield, Miguel Angel Mejia, Eric Merrell, Mike Miller, Diana Muñoz, Freddy Negrete, Isaiah Negrete, Nobody Photography, Alfie Numeric, Zach Oldenkamp, Ezra One, Eye One, Dante Orpilla, Memo Ortega, Eriberto Oriol, Estevan Oriol, Louie Perez III, Antonio Pelayo, Isaac Pelayo, PhotoJenInc, Valeria Ponce De Leon, Gustavo Rimada, Carlos Rojas, Tabitha Rose, Sergio Rueda, Mark Sandoval, Jamie Schene, Victor Sepulveda, Ralph SIlerio, Otto Sturke , Taadow69k, Aric Taylor, Lauren Terese, Anthony Tuason, Edgar Vazquez, Uninanti, Jeo Williams, Ameneh Zahedi, and Tania Zatikian.

Plaza de la Raza
Cultural Center for the Arts
3540 N. Mission Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90031-3135
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