Salute by Detane, Zapata the Ghost and Brown Ceaser

Detane, Zapata the Ghost and Brown Caeser dropped their new music video titled "Salute", dedicated to the Sick Side Army Movement. The music video was directed and cut by Eyekon Fotography. The beat was produced by Elespecialista and the track is available on the Sick Side Amy Volume 3.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and raised in the streets of Los Angeles California. From b-boying at the local park, to non-stop graffing up L.A. city blocks, to spitting rhymes at shows, Detane has always been submerged in Hip-Hop Culture. Detane has blessed the stage since the age of 9! So itís no wonder why he has shared the stage along side some of Hip-Hop Culture's greats like, WU-TANG CLAN, KRS-1, SLICK RICK, DILATED PEOPLES, CHINO-XL, PLANET ASIA, PHILL THA AGONY, PSYCHO REALM, XZIBIT, 2MEX, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, and many more. From MEAR-1 to OG ABEL, each of his album covers art work is a monument to has dedication to Hip-Hop Culture. DETANE has expanded his music to a worldwide audience.

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