Vatos Locos by Rocca El Original

Whether his records are selling gold in France or whether he is nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in the United States. The Tres Coronas emcee Rocca is coming as hard as a rock and he can't be stopped!

El Original Rocca got his start rockin' stages in France where he grew up enjoying plenty of success all throughout the 1990's with his crew La Clique. He released a series of mixtapes and albums reaching gold independently. He has had numerous projects released in France as both a solo artist and also part of groups and crews.

Eventually he would move to New York City in the beginning of 2001. Now in the streets of Corona, Queens he formed the seminal hip-hop group "Tres Coronas" with fellow Colombian emcee P.N.O.

With their only goal in mind to be “crowned” heavy weights in the world of rap in Spanish and Latin America. Tres Coronas began to release various mixtapes that were independently sold in certain parts of the United States, Colombia, France and Spain. Through this, they formed their own music label named Parcero Productions. Soon, Tres Coronas gained huge popularity as an underground rap group throughout much of Latin America (especially Colombia, Chile and Ecuador), Europe, Spain, France and New York City, slowly living up to their goal of being ‘crowned’ kings in these markets.

After releasing several mixtapes, they made guest appearances in more mainstream productions such as "Chosen Few: El Documental", "Hip Hop En Tu Idioma" and "The Draft 2005". After seeing success in these albums, they decided to tap into the American hip-hop market, by releasing their first major label album under Universal Music's Latin Urban imprint Machete Music. The album was titled "Nuestra Cosa", The album did so well in the respective markets that it would later be re-released as a CD/DVD including five music videos and a documentary about the album and Tres Coronas. Upon the release of their major label debut Tres Coronas would follow with an international tour. Then in 2007, just one year later Tres Coronas would release their next project, a mixtape titled "Street Album."

Today Rocca aka el Chief travels back-and-forth, living between Paris, France, N.Y.C., and Bogota, Colombia. He has just released his new solo single "Vatos Locos" both in French and Spanish with a music video also filmed in both languages.

His next album to lookout for is “EL FENIX”, and the project with also be released in Spanish and French for his die-hard French and Spanish fan base.

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Written by Danny D /

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