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A.O.D. is an artist from Boyle Heights that has dropped (2) phenomenal albums, independently: Hope For The Streets- Volume 1 and Volume 2 (respectively). As a part of that do-it-yourself Misol Tribe philosophy, I would run into A.O.D. (named Angel) at Neutro Grounds studio, off of Marengo. He was part of the context, there; known for quick-handed card playing and slick rhyme styles...

Don't let his shy smile fool you, the homeboy A.O.D. (at any given moment) could break out in a tongue-twisting spiritual flow. And at the same time, he is in a comfortable zone with profound, spoken-word poetry. His talent's versatility is further demonstrated when he sings soulful harmonies in different songs. It's like Jim Morrison and Ralfi Pagan together, in one dope hip-hop emcee.

Because of these blessed abilities (plus his drive to make-it-happen), A.O.D. was the first solo artist to come out of a camp of ravenous lyrical vandalists. The musical masterpiece production by DJ DUB ONE “inspired the words”, he says. And with only a handful of cats, A.O.D. was able to bring forth epic song files, compiling them into an album; not once, but twice... This testifies of his tenacious dedication to offer his message of Hope For The Streets. (Vol. 1 & 2).

DIGITAL tecknowledgee is evolving, so that artists of every community can have a window to the public. But it only benefits those that learn to utilize it... Do you want to feel inspired? Listen to this...

To purchase the new Hope for the Streets Vol.2 from click here :

Hit up A.O.D. on facebook and ask him about his new project with an eclectic band called Burning Hash :

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