Urban Realism - Ezra One

Urban Realism: Ezra One

The Aerosol Artwork of EZRA ONE
5159 York Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90042
Official - www.ezraone.com

Highland Park, California – Every second Saturday of the month the NELA (North East Los Angeles) area of Los Angeles has an art walk to bring attention to local businesses and celebrate homegrown talent. This month the Mexican folk art boutique “Mi Vida” presented Carson-based graffiti artist Ezra One’s work with a solo exhibit.

Ezra One started out as a graffiti artist in South Central Los Angeles back in 1995. He was introduced to the urban arts by his primos and later hooked up with local artist Frame. That’s when he took the arts seriously, studying the raw formatting of the letters and mastering spray can control with different spray can tips.

He then studied the Renaissance period of art history, specifically the artist Michelangelo Bounarroti. He studied Michelangelo’s masterpieces and saw how Michelangelo’s portraits captured a realism that was never seen before.

Recently, Ezra One has been studying portraiture tattoo masters like Nikko Hurtado (Black Anchor) and Carlos Torres (Timeline Gallery) and how they create amazing, life-like tattoos. He wants to bring the same attention to details to his graffiti canvases.

Portraits are one of the skills that you have to be great at, because mediocre portraits get no respect.

Displayed inside Mi Vida's wall, were five of Ezra One's aerosol spray-paint pieces. On the outside wall, facing Avenue 52, Ezra painted a massive 20 by 40 foot mural in homage to "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles". His mural is dedicated to the City of Angels for all the inspiration he uses in his art.

Chaz Bojorquez (left) and Ezra One (right) / photo by Sal Rojas

Legendary graffiti artist Chaz Bojorquez came down to the gallery to see who painted the beautiful mural in his neighborhood. Once Chaz learned it was Ezra One he gave Erza One his props for un trabajo bien hecho!

Staying in Focus!
Salvador Rojas Photography

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